Mister and Miss Lemauvais (Theux - Belgium)

Gibbs - Mister and Miss Lemauvais (Theux - Belgium)
Gibbs - Mister and Miss Lemauvais (Theux - Belgium)
Gibbs - Mister and Miss Lemauvais (Theux - Belgium)

 Letter to my Friend

         My name is Gibbs, I am a twelve year old German Shepherd and I would like to tell you my story through the pen of my best friend, as my departure was so quick that I could not do it myself.
         My life had started badly, being a bit of a handful, my first two owners had preferred to give up and leave me at the SPA. I will never thank them enough, because thanks to this, Sylvie Masure and Malou, her friend, recovered me and presented me to a neighbour who had lost his faithful companion some time before. I was then only seven months old.
         I entered his house - anxious and curious - he held out his hand to me and at first sight, I felt deep down that it would be him and no one else. I leaned on his leg and sat down at his feet, he put his hand on the back of my neck. I had chosen a friend for life. I know my dog friends used to tell me about their masters, but I knew it would be much more than that.
         His job meant that he sometimes had to stay away from home, but every time he came back, it was a party, even though he was pampered by my mistress and the rest of the family, whom I adored just as much. Then one day he came back and didn't go back to work. He told me that he was "pre-pensioned" and that was the real beginning of our adventures, walks galore, holidays in the mountains, but above all a lot of complicity... and the years went by so quickly. My twelve springs are behind me, but still going strong for an old man.
        Unfortunately, the last few weeks have been more and more painful for me. Something was taking away all my strength. My enthusiasm as soon as I put on the collar made them so happy... But during our last outing, I was unable to finish it and my worried owners took me to the veterinary clinic of the Doctors Becco-Heyneman, whom I thank for the kindness they have shown during the care they have given me over the years. I would have liked so much to come out in good shape like the other times, but unfortunately, a severe pericarditis was detected and decided otherwise. After consultation, we decided what was best for me.
        We exchanged tons of love through our eyes and I fell asleep in peace, covered with caresses from "Dadame" and in the arms of my friend who, as every evening, whispered in my ear: "Good night my Wolf, have nice dreams and see you tomorrow".