Veterinary dermatology

The "Veterinary Dermatology" section of explains what it means to be a veterinary specialist in dermatology. Various dermatoses / skin diseases of dogs, cats, horses, rodents and lagomorphs are explained and illustrated in the "pathologies" section.

Dr Luc Beco (veterinary specialist in dermatology recognised by the OMV and graduate of the European College of Veterinary Dermatology / veterinary dermatologist specialist) is in charge of the content of the veterinary dermatology section. The different skin diseases are classified as in a dermatology book with reference to the origin of the problem (skin allergy, parasites, skin tumours,...) but using a simple and accessible language.

Some skin diseases / dermatoses of dogs, cats, rodents, lagomorphs and horses but also dermatozoonoses (skin diseases of animals that can affect humans) are documented.