Goldtreat- treatment of chronic joint pain

Berlock® implants - Goldtreat- treatment of chronic joint pain
Goldtreat implants - Goldtreat- treatment of chronic joint pain
Radiograph of an Ellbow with gold implants

A new concept of treatment of chronic joint pain with Gold implants ("Gold acupuncture" / "Gold bead implants" with solid gold implants: Berlocks) was recently introduced in veterinary medicine: "Goldtreat"  (  The goal is a reduction of the pain with Gold implants active as local anti inflammatory treatment. .

When can it be applied?

Local Gold Treatment is particulrly useful for arthroses in

  • Hip, Elbows, Stifle joints and Hock joints
  • Arthroses in the vertebral column (spondylosis)
  • Instability between the last lumbar and first sacral vertebrae 

How is it performed?

  • Before initiating Local Gold treatment, the pet has to be examined.
  • By clinical and radiographic examinations a diagnosis compatible with this form of treatment (arthrosis)should be made
  • The treatment itself is performed under general anesthesia and in sterile aseptic conditions.
  • Berlock® implants are placed in the tissue, through a special needle, into preceise location surrounding the painful join, where they will remain permanently.
  • Following the treatment there will be no surgical wound, removing the need for suture removal. 
  • The animal can return home as soon as it has recovered from the anesthesia.

Are there side effect with this treatment? Does Berlock® implants migrate?

  • Neither in animals nor in people have any side effects been recorded.
  • So far there have not been any cases of migration of solid gold implants. .

When will my pet start to improve?

  • In about 70-90% of treated patients, a positive effect can be expected from Local Gold Treatment.  
  • In a few cases this positive effect can be seen as early as few days after treatment. In most cases within 3 weeks.
  • In a few cases up to 3-4 months may pass before an effect can be seen.
  • In some dogs with lameness due to arthosis of elbows owners experience that the lameness do not disappear, but thet the dogs seem more happy and that they do things, they had stopped doing. This persisting lameness is most likely caused by impaired mobility of the joint due to the arthritic changes.
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Radiograph of the hips with gold implants