Treatment of chronic joint pain in dogs and cats suffering of arthritis

 Effectively treating joint pain in dogs and cats with degenerative joint disease can be difficult. Numerous treatments are lifelong. We are proposing new treatment options without side-effects:

  1. Neural prolotherapy in dogs and cats uses It uses injection of sugar near cutaneous nerves that extinguishes neurogenic pain and neurogenic inflammation. No side-effect are described.
  2. Laser therapy (Photobiomodulation with MLS® Laser): Laser is without danger, non-invasive technic and non painful. However, a clear diagnosis is request to avoid a poor use of the material. Laser could be useful :
    • for wound Healing
    • hematoma and bruises
    • tears and muscle stretching
    • Acute or chronic joint pain
    • Gingivitis and stomatitis
    • Some skin diseases
  3. Gold implants:  "Goldtreat"  are used to reduce a localized pain. Gold ions act like local anti-inflammatoray agents.
  4. Chondroprotectors, Oméga 3, food supplements, prescription diets to manage arthrosis and weight
  5. Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy

Every animal should be examined by a veterinarian before treatment. Only your Vet has the knowledge to choose the best treatment option for your dog or cat. Natural treatments are not always efficient in each individuals. Some times the use of anti-inflammatory drugs or surgery are needed. 

Weight management is always an important factor to consider. 

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