Osteoarthritis: treatment with immunotherapy (anti-NGF monoclonal antibodies)

Immunotherapy / monoclonal antibodies to treat osteoarthritis (dogs and cats)
Older cats and dogs suffer from osteoarthritis
Pain and inflammation cycle in osteoarthritis (Zoetis)

Immunotherapy: a new treatment to relieve osteoarticular pain in dogs and cats suffering from osteoarthritis. Anti-NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) monoclonal antibodies prevent the binding of NGF to its receptors on nerve endings and on certain anti-inflammatory cells, thereby reducing the sensation of pain.

This new type of treatment (therapeutic monoclonal antibodies / immunotherapy) is active for 1 month by subcutaneous injection. It complements the various treatments offered to relieve joint pain in dogs and cats:

  • Immunotherapy (Bedinvetmab): therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for pain associated with osteoarthritis
  • Weight management
  • Targeted feeding for joint pain
  • Dietary supplements
  • GoldTreat (Gold implants)
  • Laser therapy MLS
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (piprants...)
  • Acupuncture
  • Neural prolotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy

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