Parasites - parasitic skin conditions

Aoûtats en amas entre les 2 yeux
Dorsal scales: Cheyletiellosis in a German Sheppherd
Juvenile demodectic mange (demodex)

Demodectic mange (demodicosis)

Demodicosis (Demodectic mange) Demodex canis is a microscopic parasite which lives in the hair follicles of the dog. It is transmitted during the first days of life from mother to puppy and is part of the normal cutaneous flora. But, in some...

Notoedric acariasis in hamster
Otodectes cynotis
Severe facial lesions
Facial scales and alopecia
The flea

The Fleas

Fleas are bugs without wings and which present a laterally flattened body. They measure between 1.5 and 4mm in length and possess 3 pairs of legs, one pair of which allows them to achieve impressive high jumps (+ / - 30cm). The species most...