Dr. Heyneman attends the European Congress of Veterinary Surgery (ECVS) in Budapest (4-6 / 07/19)

Dr Martine Heyneman - soft tissue surgery
ECVS - European College of Veterinary Surgery

Dr Martine Heyneman participate to the european congress the European College of Veterinary Surgeon - ECVS

The small animal programme will again run three parallel full streams.

  1. The orthopaedic stream:
    • Feline orthopedics and traumatology
    • Orofacial trauma surgery with surgeon’s perspective and dentist’s perspective
    • Stifle surgery including few lectures on meniscal surgery
  2. The soft tissue programme:
    • Ear, nose and throat surgery
    • New technologies in surgery
    • Prostate and perianal surgery.
  3. Video-assisted thoracic surgery and neurosurgery.